Jorrit Poelen
Jorrit H. Poelen is an independent software/data engineer, Ronin research scholar, and UCSB CCBER research affiliate with an interest in open science and biodiversity informatics. He lives and works on the Dakota Homeland in Minneapolis, MN.
He contributes to Global Biotic Interactions, Nomer, Preston, Elton, Terrestrial Parasite Tracker, Big Bee, the Open Traits Network, and
He also writes peer-reviewed papers, gives talks, and reviews data publications.
For more information, please have a look at Jorrit's CV, a 2020 NSF Biosketch, a 2020 NIH Biosketch, his Scholia profile or a list of co-authors (generated from: source) .
Want to work with Jorrit to mobilize, integrate, or (re-)use, biodiversity data? Let him know: he is available for hire by the hour or on project basis.